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Various Artists
on Heol
Les Apres - Midi Defauts
The Bachelor Pad - Girl Of Your Dreams
BMX Bandits - Strawberry Sundae
The Bridge (Japan) - Change
Brighter - My Failure's Success
Change Of Seasons - Echoes Of Sadness
Chelsea - Tim Booth
The Church Grims - A Hard Man
Allen Clapp - A Change In The Weather
The Drift - We Are Still Friends
The Driscolls - Here It Comes Again
E.V. - Ar Gwener
Fflaps - Arwyr Duwiol
The Flatmates - Nothing Kills Like Time
Honeybunch - Humble Dream
Jane From Occupied Europe - Untitled
Mousefolk - Motorcycle Boy
St.Christopher - I Wish I Hadn't Seen Her
Sleepyhead - Play
Small Factory - Happy To See
Spindle Berries - I'm So Clumsy
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