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2016 - bangers and modern classics (Did Not Chart @4-Dec-2016)
Things in General (Cloudberry @1-Dec-2016)
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The Dunedin Sound: Some Disenchanted Evening (Did Not Chart @25-Nov-2016)
Hangover Lounge by Hacia Dos Veranos (Did Not Chart @21-Nov-2016)
Hangover Lounge highlights (Did Not Chart @12-Nov-2016)
On the Waterfront (Cloudberry @7-Nov-2016)
Buildermash - Measly Love (Did Not Chart @6-Nov-2016)
Les Tender Whiskers (Cloudberry @31-Oct-2016)
Freschard - Sunday Night (Did Not Chart @28-Oct-2016)
Inside Riot (Cloudberry @25-Oct-2016)
Small World Experience (Did Not Chart @23-Oct-2016)
The Days (Cloudberry @17-Oct-2016)
Heavy Pockets - (Don't Wanna Be) One Of The Boys (Did Not Chart @14-Oct-2016)
Real Numbers - Wordless Wonder (Did Not Chart @11-Oct-2016)
Bluenose B (Cloudberry @10-Oct-2016)
Steamtown (Cloudberry @4-Oct-2016)
Pastelshot (Cloudberry @3-Oct-2016)
Unity Floors - Life Admin (Did Not Chart @1-Oct-2016)
Waving at Trains (Cloudberry @26-Sep-2016)
The Clamheads (Cloudberry @21-Sep-2016)
Steamtown (Cloudberry @19-Sep-2016)
Grant and I by Robert Forster (Did Not Chart @17-Sep-2016)
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