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The Bridge (Japan)
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Spring Hill Fair (CD2) 1993
on Trattoria - Menu 11
second disc is Karaoke version of first
Preppy Kicks (CD) 1-Jul-1994
on Trattoria - Menu 41
The Best Of Trattoria Years (CD) 26-Jul-1995
on Trattoria - Menu 63
On compilations:
Four Letter Words Split-flexi  (Flexi+Fanzine) 1991
on Four Letter Words - FLW 002
- Motorcycle Angel
A Meeting On The Disc  (CD5) 1-Mar-1993
on Trattoria - Menu 10
- Room
- Silly Love
on Records From The Cookie Noise Tower
- Room
Heol  (K7)
on Heol
- Change
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