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Various Artists
Grimsby Fishmarket 4 Norrkoeping 0
on Records From The Cookie Noise Tower
The Apple Moths - Kymri
Are You Mr.Riley - Barries Of Mine
Blueboy - Chelsea Guitar
The Bridge (Japan) - Room
Brighter - Next Summer
Bummer Twins - Song About Girls
Bummer Twins - Windmills And Milestones
Cerise - I Fell In Love Last Night
Cherry Orchard - High Rise
Cherry Orchard - Walking Back To You
Joe Clack - Shaunty
Joe Clack - Wood Dust
B.J. Eagle - Not Unusual
HappyDeadMen - Ralph De Bricassart
HappyDeadMen - Silent Sigh City
The Kitchen Cynics - Jennifer Anywhere
Mary Go Round - Into The Morgue
My Finest Hour - She Fakes Apples
The Orchids - And When I Wake Up
Louis Philippe - Eusebio
The Rileys - Time Will Pass
Roof - Chick House
Stereolab - The Light That Will Cease To Fail
This Perfect Day - This Friendship Of Ours
Venus Peter - New World
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