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The Kitchen Cynics
(Scotland) Aberdeen
Longstanding Folk/Psych practitioners from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Have produced many tapes, records and CDs, and supported the Incredible String Band, Julian Cope,Terry Reid, Josephine Foster, PG Six, Major Matt Mason USA, Marissa Nadler, Black Forest/Black Sea, Thomas Truax, Amy Rigby etc. Have also played as part of Damo Suzuki's Network. Other highlights include playing at Terrastock 6, and being onstage with Tom Rapp. Spent 2007 doing 'a tune-a-day' for 53 subscribers to raise money for dry rot treatment to his flat. (A CD was mailed out to every subscriber at the end of each month). Is knackered.

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Sticklebacks (7") Oct 1990
on Roman Cabbage Vinyl
On compilations:
on Records From The Cookie Noise Tower
- Jennifer Anywhere
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