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Red Sleeping Beauty
(Sweden) Stockholm 1988 to present


red sleeping beauty is a thoughtful quartet which sings to youth and those who try to understand modern youth. dark-haired niklas angergård and mikael matsson and blond kristina borg and carl-johan näsström are creative, young artists who enjoy entertaining. all are attending collage to round out their education. they write their own songs, commenting upon our time, dealing with many subjects reflecting the feeling of youth in our society. their music represents a whimsical mixture of pop, folk, jazz and classical melodies.

they look at themselves as "impressionists" in their approach to their artform which mirrors the thoughts and problems of their generation. they play the guitars skilfully with an exciting, new sound. their voices blend well, using intricate harmonies and individual solo passages. with their integrity of real artists they are watching the production of their works closely. in young producer mike innes they found a sensitive and dedicated executive. "he really understands us and our ideas...", to quote their own words.

the twenty year old boys and girl were born a few days apart in different cities and are from different backgrounds. mikael matsson and niklas angergård, the philosophical and impetuous two of the quartet, has already ten years of experience as successful actors on the stage, in films and tv. they enjoy talking to people, especially young girls; art and travel are their hobbies and they are partial to three toad tree sloths. kristina borg and carl-johan näsström, the serious and thoughtful ones, grew up in a pleasant sedate home. only through meeting the others did they turn to the artistic field. they are quiet; likes to listen to people, especially young boys and girls and they don't talk too much. but when they say something, it is a valuable and interesting comment. their great loves are sport cars, cats and oranges which they can eat any time and any place.

the future holds great promise for them. niklas and kristina would like to become better composers and musicians. mikael wants to continue playing and writing exciting music. carl-johan has another aspiration to be a good film director and writer.

by norbert faulkner

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Pop Sounds (CD3) 5.Nov 1992
on Marsh Marigold Records - GOLD 12
- summer tells stories
- the trumpet song
- make me smile
- cinema
- christmas
Seasons Change (7") 1994
on Somersault Records - 2 Somers
- seasons change
- try
- sugar bowl
Top Of The Pops (7") 1994
on Motorway - MOTOR 3
- promise me
- for fun
- can you say love will last?
- Rules
Don't Say You Love Me (7") Aug 1995
on Sunday Records - SUNDAY 038
- don't say you love me
- you & me
- happy birthday
Wealth Of Imagination (7") Nov 1995
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 29
- sick & tired
- wealth of imagination
- the chime song
Bedroom (CD) Dec 1995
on Marsh Marigold Records - MARI 07
Japanese version released in 1996
- for once
- pop song
- down by the sea
- selfish
- you're the kind
- yesterday's lies
- cold hearts
- bicycling
- stupid boy (Japanese version only)
- two hearts (Japanese version only)
- florida (Japanese version only)
- instant replay (Japanese version only)
Soundtrack (CD) Mar 1997
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 54
- the yound pretenders
- soul providers
- the things i'd say
- nervous
- summer at its best
- enough
- casino classics
- certainly
- how do you kill your heart?
- your opinion
- the light that guides you
- you're all there is
Singles (CD) early 2000
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 76
Stupid Boy (CD5) early 2000
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 75
Always (MP3) September 11, 2015 - More details
on Shelflife Records - LIFE - 2015
- Always
- Breaking Up Is Easy
Always on Your Side EP (CD) June 22, 2018 - More details
on Sunday Records - SUNDAY 960
- Always on Your Side
- Falling out of Love
- Just for Fun
- Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
California (MP3) May 3, 2019
- Don't Cry for Me, California
- Ikkje Grat for Me, California (ft. Dylan Mondegreen)
- Don't Cry for Me, California - Demo
Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye (MP3) June 10, 2016 - More details
on Shelflife Records - LIFE - 2016
- Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye
- Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye - Invisible Twin Remix
Chica De Madrid/Love At Third Sight (MP3) August 23, 2019
- Chicas De Madrid (ft. Cristina Quesada)
- Love At Third Sight (ft. Cristina Quesada)
Ikvall (MP3) June 7, 2019
- Ikvall
- Ikvall - Studentflakversion
Kristina (CD+LP) June 17, 2016 - More details
on Labrador Records - LAB156
and Shelflife Records - LIFE - 143
- Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye
- Always
- Tell Me More
- Mi Amor
- In The Darkest Hour
- Merry Christmas, Marie
- Breaking up is Easy
- If You Want Affection
- Don't Give In, Don't Give Up
- I Am the Artist
Merry Christmas, Marie (MP3) December 4, 2015 - More details
on Shelflife Records - LIFE - 2015
- Merry Christmas, Marie
Mi Amor (MP3) February 14th, 2020
- Mi Amor (ft. Cristina Quesada)
- Mi Amor Fuerteventura Version (ft. Cristina Quesada)
New York City Girls (MP3) December 6, 2019 - More details
on Matinée Recordings - MATC2019
- New York City Girls
- Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Kristina Version
Ruin My Life (MP3) November 9, 2018
on Matinée Recordings - MATC2018
- Ruin My Life
Second Time (MP3) February 25, 2022 - More details
on Matinée Recordings - MATC2021
- Second Time - The Ballet Rework (ft. The Ballet, Mary Wyer)
- Second Time - Bizarre Love Version
- Second Time (ft. Mary Wyer)
Solid Gold (MP3) April 8, 2022 - More details
on Matinée Recordings - MATC2022
- Solid Gold (ft. Amelia Fletcher)
Stockholm (CD) April 12, 2019 - More details
on Matinée Recordings - MATCD084
- We Are Magics
- Always On Your Side
- Tonight
- New York City Girls
- A Perfect Facade
- Top Love
- Tell Me Lies
- Red Sleeping Beauty
- The Swedish Winter
- Don't Cry for Me, California
Tell Me More (MP3) May 27, 2016 - More details
on Labrador Records - LAB2016
- Tell Me More
- Tell Me More - Don Lennon Version
The Swedish Winter (MP3) March 29, 2019 - More details
on Matinée Recordings - MATC2019
- The Swedish Winter
Tonight (MP3) July 12, 2019
- Tonight
- Someone Somewhere
- Emma's House
- Falling Out Of Love - Four-On-The-Floor Version
Top Love (MP3) February 23, 2018 - More details
on Matinée Recordings - MATC2018
- Top Love
We Are Magic (MP3) May 24, 2019
- We Are Magic
- We Are Magic - Morning Light Version
On compilations:
International Pop EP  (7") 28.Sep 1992
on Mind The Gap / Season Records
- You Are The Kind
Wheels Go Round  (CD) Jun 1993
on Trumpet Trumpet Records
- Hey!
Frischer Morgentau  (K7) Summer 1993
on Steinpilz Tonträger - STEIN 1
23 tracks in total, one side with songs sung in German, the other sung in English
- Summertime
- Summertime
Europop  (7") May 1995
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 15
- Her Favourite Cliche
Postcard EP  (7") 1995
on Grimsey Records - GRIMSEY 001
- Stay
Apertivo  (CD) 1996
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 40
- Sick & Tired
Extended Vacation  (K7) 1996
on Krebstar
- Wealth Of Imagination
McBain Tape  (K7) 1996
- Breaking Up
- Sick And Tired
Marsh Marigold Review The 2nd  (CD) 18.July 1998
- Cinema
- The Trumpet Song
Seven Summers  (CD) 30-Nov-1998
- You Are The Kind
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