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Marsh Marigold Records


Back in 1988 four people meet at a Flatmates gig in Hamburg, there they decided to form a band as well because it seemed so easy to make great music. After a few weeks the three boys dropped the girl which nobody heard of again but found another one soon after. They were influenced by the C86-scene, the upcoming Sarah-bands and all time favourites like Felt and The Go-Betweens. The Jesterbells (Photo) started playing local gigs which were very chaotic most times. Nevertheless they enjoyed what they did and wanted to release some songs on record, naturally no record-company was interested and so they decided to start their own record-label called Marsh-Marigold Records. The debut-single was released in February 1989 and attracted the attention of both German guitar-pop fanzines of that time, P-Fanzine and Anorak-Can I Just Say Sweatshirt (which is the predecessor of Mind The Gap) They supported the Wedding Present in May 1989. After releasing the second four track 7", which became a standard for Marsh Marigold, they split up in Summer 1989 but still play one or two gigs each year at special events. Oliver, who runs Marsh Marigold and Gerrit formed Red Letter Day (Photo) soon after which has had the biggest output of songs on the label so far. The other two Jesterbells members Julia and Carsten found new musicians as well and started Die Fünf Freunde (Photo), the German name for Enid Blyton's "The Famous Five" several line-up changes took place but the two remained key-members along with Henning. After two 7"es they released a long awaited album in September 1992. At the beginning all their lyrics were in English but that changed to half-half regarding the singles and ended with 2 English and 10 German lyrics on the LP. This may be a difficulty for foreign listeners but we in Germany live with 90% English lyrics and don't understand most of it as well. Label policy is not to release a song twice at any case and not to release different format of one product, the latter is more because of the financial side than on the ideological.

The Legendary Bang were based in the flat countryside of northern Germany about 40 miles away from Hamburg. They became friends of the Marsh Marigold people, were influenced by the Jesterbells and changed their rough sound to a more melodic one but they still remain the noisiest band on Marsh-Marigold and invented screaming guitars to the label. After two 7" singles, main person Peter left in 1991 to study in Budapest, the remaining five continued for a while but quit in early 1992, because it wasn't the same without their singer and songwriter. Two of them formed a new band called '50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong' (Photo) which still has got some of the 'Bangs' spirit but they are very different because of the three new members. They have already released a 4 track single.

My Guru Says was Henning's (5 Freunde) and Florian's (Red Letter Day) project with the help of Wiebkes wonderful voice. Busy period was from December 1990 to March 1991. They tried to start again in 1992 but weren't satisfied with their live-performances.

In summer 1991 some Swedish boys were on holiday in Hamburg, they listened to the first Red Letter Day LP in a big record-shop, bought it and got in contact with the label. The Swedish connection was born. Their band, the Acid House Kings (Photo), formerly 'My Finest Hour' played their debut-gig in a club in Hamburg in January 1992 and their debut-7" was released in the same month. Following the tradition of Marsh-Marigold with lots of interconnection between the bands on the label, Niklas the singer of the Acid House Kings is also singer in the latest Marsh Marigold signing (there is no single contract in the whole label-history of course) Red Sleeping Beauty (a McCarthy song and single). Their first release was a track on the International Pop EP on the Mind The Gap label which was run by a good friend and fan of Marsh Marigold.

Autumn 1992 saw the release of 3" CD-singles (and only this format) on the label which wasn't welcomed by lots of the 7" and vinyl loving fans. Reasons for this step were: the running time of some of the new EPs were too long for a seven inch, the studio-costs for the new EPs by Red Letter Day and The Elvis Fans... couldn't bring back by the profit of a 7" and finally most German shops don't sell vinyl-products any more. The same goes for Sweden, so the Acid House Kings wanted the CD as format for their album. But this is not the right place to discuss the problem concerning CD vs. vinyl.

The label created a strong guitar-pop following in Hamburg and around. Although having strong British influences it proved that Germans and other Europeans can produce as good indie-pop as the English. With no proper distribution the label is hardly known outside Germany or actually outside Hamburg. Beside releasing records of the Hamburg-based Marsh-Marigold home-family the label likes to sign other European bands ( not British), e.g. from France and Spain. It would be happy to answer the American invasion of 7"es and 7"-labels with bigger sales in the US.

After a long delay the 3"CD-Single "Table & Chairs" by Red Letter Day is finally released in early April 1993. The addition of a second guitar-player created a stronger sound and new ideas. The band also participate with one song on the Felt-Tribute LP to be released by the Spanish Elefant Label later this year and another one to the forthcoming A Turntable Friend compilation LP. The line up of the Die Fünf Freunde changed again, bass player Mirco was replaced by Cornelius. There were plans for a CD-release of the album "Inspektor Inspektor" but the label decided to use its money for new projects first and release the CD later. The next two new songs by Die 5 Freunde will be on the 7" "Hit-Doppeldecker" which is a split-EP with the German band "Die Time Twisters verdammt!" on the German "Viel-Leicht" label. They also contribute a song for a compilation-album on the same label. My Guru Says are practising again, they added a cello- and a violin-player to the band. New material is expected soon. The 50.000.000 Million Elvis can't be wrong had a busy and creative time in their rehearsal room recently with the result of lots of great new songs. In April they record their debut-album which will be out in early summer on CD. After two more 3" CD-Singles by two new terrific Swedish bands, ( Seashells and Poprace) the design-sleeve-series had been finished.

Most of first ten single releases are sold out by now, so it's time for a "Shadow Factory"-like compilation. The CD "Marsh Marigold Review" contains 20 tracks from Gold 1 to Gold 10. New songs by three Marsh Marigold bands are on the German high quality compilation-tape "Frischer Morgentau" which provides one German and one International side with lots of great songs.

In early 1994 the French band Caramel (Photo) released their debut 7" single "triangle" on Marsh Marigold. This band (which hat got the right M-M-family spirit) did a legendary live-performance at the traditional Marsh-Marigold-Christmas festival in December 1993! The winner of the 1995 festival, the Seashells (Photo) (the band comes from a town called Umea, which lies only 200 Km away from the polar-circle), had released their CD-mini-album "Looking after your flowers" in summer 1994! This release became the label's biggest seller so far due to huge sales in their native country.

With the split up of local bands Red Letter Day and 50.000.000 Million Elvis can't be wrong and the move of the the Fünf Freunde to a major label there are no Hamburg bands on the label anymore. After releasing the LP/CD "Aggro", the Fünf Freunde were dropped by East West and soon after one of their front persons Carsten Friedrichs left the band, and they finally split up in summer 1995

At the same time, the debut 6-track CD by the German artist Busch (Photo) was released. Excellent songs and great lyrics too, a masterpiece, if you ask me.

The mini-CDs by Red Sleeping Beauty (Photo) and Caramel were released in December 1995, both are excellent as ever. In September 1996 the Germans stroke back: Long-Player by Busch and Berlin's Groovy Cellar (Ex-Most Wanted Men) were released. Red Letter Day was followed by Knabenkraut, all members of Die Fünf Freunde found new bands, but none of them is doing indiepop anymore :-(, the first Camping CD on Marina is pretty good though.

At the Christmas festival 1996 Oliver released three new CDs: Caramel's 17-track-CD "punkpopgaragemods"; Shelby's 12-track-CD "Sofa Safari", this is a new band from Hamburg which surprise, surprise had no former Marsh Marigold band member. The third release is by another new German band called Soda Stream they hail from Kiel in northern Germany and are fronted by Lars Schneider, previously singer and guitarist for Fifty Million Elvis fans...

In May 1997 The Purelove again from Hamburg with Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) on guitar released their debut-CD "King Pop".

It become a tradition to release new records at the annual Marsh Marigold christmas party each December at the Prinzenbar in Hamburg. On December 30th 1997 Oliver treated us not only with some excellent live sets but also with a new 7" by Berlin band Spy and a full-length CD by Mumbly from Paris, the second French band on Marsh Marigold.

GOLD 01 Jesterbells - Rain Keeps Falling EP (7") 18.Feb 1989
- Proud And Wild Forever
- Branwell
- Flowers
- Pebbles
- Rain Keeps Falling
GOLD 02 Jesterbells - Just Like Apples On The Tree EP (7") 31.Jul 1989
- Extraordinary Day
- Bordighera
- Whims
- Teenage Hardcore Rebel
GOLD 03 Red Letter Day - Hibernation (7") 22.Nov 1989
- Hibernation
- Reception Girl
- An Early Ending
- Fondest Wish
GOLD 04 Split-Release - Marsh Marigold Flexi (FLX) Sep 1990
- Die 5 Freunde - Poppyfields
- Red Letter Day - It's Absurd
GOLD 05 Die 5 Freunde - Perfect Day (7") Sep 1990
- Perfect Day
- Schlechte Laune
- Nicht Nochmal
- Growing
GOLD 06 My Guru Says - 3 Seasons Are Enough (7") 22.Feb 1991
- Sally And John
- Something
- Blue Days
GOLD 07 The Legendary Bang - Big Bluff (7") Dec 1990
- Big Bluff
- That's Fine
- Just A Friend
- Life's A Boring Game
GOLD 08 Die 5 Freunde - In dreisig Tagen um die Welt (7") 8.May 1991
- Audrey Hepburn
- Das Kann Auch Ich
- Petit Prince
- In dreisig Tagen um die Welt
- Kill Them All
GOLD 09 The Legendary Bang - Louise Brooks (7") 13.Dec 1991
- Louise Brooks
- Sound Of Love
- Happy
- Cup Of Tea
- Swirling
GOLD 10 Acid House Kings - Play Pop EP (7") 6.Jan 1992
- She Fakes Apples
- Hey What's Up?
- Hopefully
- Anorak Days
GOLD 11 50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - Enough (CD3) 5 Nov 1992
- Enough
- Far Away
- Flowers In A Bottle
- And Then You Smiled
GOLD 12 Red Sleeping Beauty - Pop Sounds (CD3) 5.Nov 1992
- summer tells stories
- the trumpet song
- make me smile
- cinema
- christmas
GOLD 13 Red Letter Day - Table & Chairs (CD3) 1 Apr 1993
- Aeolian Harp
- Walls
- Forever Yours
GOLD 14 Seashells - Sunshine Eyes EP (CD3) 25 Jul 1993
- Beatrice
- Hide In Your Memory
- Wallpaper Whispers
- Topstar
- Kinky Bossanova
GOLD 15 Poprace - Hanggliding At Sea (CD3) Mar 1994
GOLD 16 Caramel - Ole Zamora (CD5) Dec 1995
- Au Revoir, Mademoiselle
- Stick
- Anyway
- Red Haired Girl
- L'été En Ville
- June Hayles
- Pas Tour Les Jours Lundi, Non Plus
GOLD 17 Acid House Kings - Monaco G.P. (CD5) Jun 1994
- The Boy Still Dreams
- Wonder
- Can You Tell Me It's Over?
- I Didn't Think Your Kiss Would Affect Me
- Summer Days
- The Boy Still Dances
GOLD 18 Caramel - Triangle (7") Jun 1994
GOLD 19 Busch - Debut EP (CD5) 8.Jul 1995
- Woher, wohin?
- Zwölf
- Honigdiebe
- Macht es was, wenn ich es bin?
- Angeklagt
- Müde
GOLD 20 Die 5 Freunde - Supertronik (CD5) 7.Jun 1994
GOLD 21 Brideshead - Spending Warm Summer Days Outdoors (7") Sep 1999
- On Your Trail
- Books & TV
- Sysiphos
- Books'n'bossa
GOLD 22 The Soda Stream - Grapefruit (CD5) 30.Dec 1996
GOLD 23 The Groovy Cellar - Six O'Clock p.m. (CD5) 28.Dec.1998
GOLD 24 Alaska - Kings Of The Class (7") Sep 1999
- Kings Of The Class
- Manege Fou
- Till Monday
GOLD 25 Spy - Happy As A Child (7") 30.Dec 1997
GOLD 26 Blochin 81 - Popstar (7") 18.July 1998
- Popstar
- Funny Money
- Auf Wiederhörn
GOLD 27 Spy - Shadow (7") 18.July 1998
- Shadow
- Please Read Me
- Hand In Hand
GOLD 28 Empire State University - You Know I Loved You (7") July 1999
- Life Without Love
- A Better Day
- Beautiful
- As Soon As I See You
GOLD 29 Blochin 81 - Groovy Time (7") 28.Dec.1998
GOLD 30 Kristallin - Alain Prost EP (7") July 1999
- The Legendary Bang
- Gedge
- Mirror Man
- Girls & Injuries
GOLD 31 Blochin 81 - We Are The Suburb (7") July 1999
- We Are The Suburb
- Live From The Vodka Rokkit lounge classmates
- An Offer (first offer)
GOLD 32 Love Dance - Love Dance (7") Summer 2005
GOLD 33 Blochin 81 - Lifes Sad Heroes (7") 21-Feb-2000
GOLD 34 This Year's Model - Greetings from This Year's Model (7") October 2005
- The Postcard
- Mid-Feb
- If I Were
- A Place That's Real
GOLD 35 Kristallin - Mrs Brilliant (7") Spring 2010
- Mrs Brilliant
- Melody Paints Pictures
- My Girl In Bloom
MARI 01 Red Letter Day - Red Letter Day (LP) 29.Nov 1990
MARI 02 Red Letter Day - The Absurd Garden (LP) 25.Nov 1991
MARI 03 Die 5 Freunde - Inspektor, Inspektor (LP) 10.Sep 1992
MARI 04 Acid House Kings - Pop, Look & Listen (CD) 13.Nov 1992
- Thirteen Again
- I'll Still Be There
- Your Favourite Flower
- Say Yes
- Please Be
- Christmas
- Song Of The Colour Red
- Mrs. Green
- Times
- Autumn Afternoon
- Adorable
- Sadly, I'm Never Loved
MARI 05 50.000.000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - Baby Trash (CD) 1993
MARI 06 Seashells - Looking After Your Flowers (CD) Aug 1994
MARI 07 Red Sleeping Beauty - Bedroom (CD) Dec 1995
Japanese version released in 1996
- for once
- pop song
- down by the sea
- selfish
- you're the kind
- yesterday's lies
- cold hearts
- bicycling
- stupid boy(Japanese version only)
- two hearts(Japanese version only)
- florida(Japanese version only)
- instant replay(Japanese version only)
MARI 08 The Groovy Cellar - Mac Authur Lane (CD) Sep 1996
MARI 09 Caramel - Punkpopgaragemods (CD) 30.Dec 1996
MARI 10 Busch - Entsetzlich (CD) Sep 1996
- Helen weiß das auch
- Schade
- Auf niemandes Seite
- Angora
- Nahezu nein
- Silber
- Ungeduldig bis zuletzt
- Kaum mehr als zwei
- Nichts zu verlieren
- Amelie
- Ende
MARI 11 The Purelove - King Pop (CD) 24.May 1997
MARI 12 Shelby - Sofa Safari (CD) 30.Dec 1996
MARI 13 Mumbly - Being Ernest (CD) 30.Dec 1997
MARI 14 Most Wanted Men - Revisited (CD) 11-Apr-2004
MARI 15 Brideshead - Some People Have All The Fun (CD) 18.July 1998
- Real Art
- The Leaf -h
- Decartes
- Arrogance Or Elegance
- It's Been Time
- In The Movies
- The Elastic
- Shampoo Bubble
- Life Without A Thrill
- The Man I Was
- In Embrace
- It's Not A Poem
- Stortsightedeness
- Hidden Talents
- Don't Wait
MARI 16 Elegant - Variationen In Lässigem Chic (CD) 28.Dec.1998
MARI 17 The Soda Stream - Hotel Pacific (CD) Dec-2000
MARI 18 Les Freres Checkolade - Multiplication De L'Amusement (CD) Dec-2000
MARI 19 Kristallin - Kristallin (CD) 28-Dec-2000
MARI 20 Miniskirt - Woody Allen Likes Guitar Pop (CD) July 2003
MARI 21 The Soda Stream - All The Things You Are (CD) 2005
MARI 22 Knabenkraut - True Love Can Wait (CD) 31-Aug-2002
MARI 23 Alaska - Nouveau Liberty (CD) 2005
MARI 24 Kristallin - Untitled (10") 2006
MARI 25 Love Dance - Result (CD) May 2007
- Halfheartedness
- Honestly, Honestly
- It Sometimes Brings Me Down
- Losing Faith
- New Plans
- Ninety Six
- Perfect Friendship
- Start of Something
- Unsympathetic Ways
- When You're With Him
MARI 26 Cats On Fire - The Province Complains (CD) Early 2007
- I am the White-mantled King
- Astray
- Higher Grounds
- Heat and Romance
- Born Again Christian
- The Smell of an Artist
- Chain of Saints
- Mesmer and Reason
- If You Must Tell Him
- The Sharp End of a Season
- Draw in the Reins
- End of Straight Street
MARI 27 Knabenkraut - Someone Still Loves You, Knabenkraut (CD) 2014
MARI 28 This Year's Model - The Clock Strikes Ten (CD) August 2007
- Birthday Letters
- O, Heaven Help My Foolish Heart
- Ocean
- Ten Clock Murder
- Age - Getting Over It Properly
- A Sleepy Girl
- The Postcard
- Picture This Ended
- I Am My Best Friend Acquaintance
- Second Sight
- Wishes For Jean-Paul
- What Did I First Hear?
- I Think The Snow Saved Me
- Method Acting
- Hotel Damier, Courtrai
MARI 29 The Soda Stream - RMX (Download)
- balloon_optique
- bruxelles_workshop
- cycles_spruce
- mellow_das.b-team
- motion_saar07
- heroine_herztechnik
- wavesofwater_clubkraft
- convoy_optique
- MIDH_optique
- serenade_optique
MARI 30 Blochin 81 - Tuned To The Gizmo Clique (CD) 2008
- Moshpit
- Not In My Name
- Carton Rouge
- I Still Believe
- Detroit
- On Your Shoulders
- Bighead Superstar
- You're So Great
- Homerun
- The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair
- Sexy In The 90'S
MARI 32 This Year's Model - We Walk Like Ghosts (CD) Spring 2010
- No Miracles
- A Whisper Around The Town
- You Don't Have To Report Me
- The Librarian
- I Swear I Was There
- If You Would Take Me Out Tonight
- The Lost Days Of My Life
- Millionaires
- It Spells
- Your Boyfriend Has Run Into Trouble
- Publisher's Son
- The Sprectre Begins
- We Walk Like Ghosts
MARSH 1 Various Artists - Marsh Marigold Review (CD) 9.Aug 1993
MARSH 2 Various Artists - Marsh Marigold Review The 2nd (CD) 18.July 1998
- Acid House Kings - The Boy Still Dreams
- Acid House Kings - Wonder
- Busch - Honigdiebe
- Busch - Zwölf
- Caramel - Guidoline
- Caramel - June Hayles
- Caramel - Pas Tous Les Jours Dimache
- Caramel - Pas Tous Les Jours, Non Plus
- Die 5 Freunde - Paris/Cuxhaven
- Die 5 Freunde - Wer Weiß Wie's Weitergeht?
- Poprace - If I Was Handsome
- Poprace - Two Of A Kind
- Red Letter Day - Aeolian Harp
- Red Letter Day - Walls
- Red Sleeping Beauty - The Trumpet Song
- Seashells - Beatrice
- Seashells - Wallpaper Whispers
MARSH 3 Various Artists - Proud And Wild Forever (K7) July 1998
A hand-made cassette sold at the 10th anniversary of the label in Hamburg.
MARSH 4 Various Artists - The 3rd Review (CD) 2004
Gold 21-30
MARSH 5 Various Artists - 20 Years Marsh Marigold Records (USB) 18-July-2008
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