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Various Artists
Seven Summers
(CD) 30-Nov-1998
Acid House Kings - Paris
Airport Girl - I Never Liked The Look Of You
The Autumn Teen Sound - Number One
The Best Wishes - The Best Sort Of Wishes
Brideshead - Shampoo Bubble
La Buena Vida - Tardes De Cafe
Bunnygrunt - My Darling, My Jackhammer
Cessna - Explain To Me Again
The Crooner - A Warm Day In June
Den Baron - Potion No.1
Die Elektros - Kämpferin in S-Bahnzügen
Gritty Kitty - Summer Rain
Hey Paulette - Inconsequential
Kincaid - Trackside
The Legendary Bang - Love
Masters Of The Hemisphere - My Cloud
Mumbly - Demain
Poundsign - AYSO
Red Sleeping Beauty - You Are The Kind
Shoestrings - Theme From Kiss Me Goodbye
The Silent Boys - Saturday
The Sugargliders - Everybody Supermarket
Super - All American Cheescake
Watoo Watoo - The Golden Castle (acoustic version)
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