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The Ammonites
(England) Leicester
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The Ammonites- Demos (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT05
Doncaster EP (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT08
FunLovePopFish (3rd Demo) (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT09
In Their Element (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT15
Doncaster EP (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUT 08
Compilation (K7)
on Rutland Records - RUTT20
Head Full Of Strange EP (7") May 1991
on Rutland Records - RUTEP6
On compilations:
Mind The Gap - The Tape  (K7) 21.Dec 1990
on Mind The Gap - MTG 2
- All We Had
Big Muff  (K7)
on Big Muff Fanzine
- Stupid
Waterbomb 1 Flexi  (FLX) 1990
on Waterbomb Records
- Missing You
Roddy Sammy Flexi  (FLX) 1990
on The Boshi Label - RODDY 007
- Jennifer
on Fragrant
- Stupid
- It Hurts Inside
on Flippin Ace Recording Co.
- Stupid
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