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Various Artists
And They Call It Pop
on Fragrant
The Ammonites - Stupid
The Benjamins - I'm Alive
Besotted - Sugarpuff
The Church Grims - Think Like A Car
The Driscolls - Here It Comes Again
Feverfew - Politics Down The Osphagaus
Gentle Despite - Summer In Me
The Golden Dawn - Luminous
Hellfire Sermons - Best Laugh I've Ever Had
Dave Hulston - Thursdays Child
Justice League Of America - Curse
The Librarians - Below The Waist
L.I.D. - Beautiful
Mousefolk - Spinng Around
The Originals - Mr.Jones
Plasterscene Dream - Pineapple Girl
PO! - Sunday Never Comes Around
The Pristines - Alan McGee
The Shootist - One More Time
Spar - Ernest & Young
Spin Out - Dreams End
Strawberry Story - Kissamatic Lovebubble
They Go Boom - Somewhere In England
The Vulgarians - 99th Floor
The Waiting List - Sweet & Stupid
Watch You Drown - Are You Happy Now
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