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Various Artists
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Mind The Gap - The Tape
(K7) 21.Dec 1990
on Mind The Gap - MTG 2
A.D. - You'll Get There
The Ammonites - All We Had
The Apple Moths - Kymri
The Banzai Babies - Waiting For The Sun To Shine
The Bedflowers - I'm So Cool
The Bedflowers - Madly In Live With 25 People
The Brilliant Corners - Not The Boy (live)
Captain Cocoa - Ring Me Up
Fat Tulips - As Long As You Need Me
Feverfew - Answered Prayer
Friends - Every Summer
Die 5 Freunde - Why I Like The Pastels
Himberrbubis - Frühlingserwachen
Gert-Günther Hoffmann - Fahrt Ins Blaue
Honigritter - Schottische Schlösser
Jesterbells - Happy Kids
The Legendary Bang - Bitterness (of Heart)
London Underground - Mind The Gap
Nivens - Tales From A Dufflebag
John Peel - A Little Marsh Marigold Music For You
PO! - Sunday Never Comes Around
Red Letter Day - Killing Time
St.James Infirmary - Martha & Terry
The Sohfas - Stuck On The Shell
Strawberry Story - Behind This Smile
Herbert Weicker - Fazinierend Wuerde Ich Sagen
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