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Captain Cocoa
(Australia) Melbourne

On a mid-1980s Melbourne scene in Australia, besotted by post-Birthday Party angst or heavy gothic grunge, the clean-cut lads who made up Captain Cocoa came on like Haircut 100. In other words, Captain Cocoa played pure, unadulterated pop music.

Formed in Melbourne, Australia by twin brothers Glenn and David O'Neil (now a well-know comedian), Captain Cocoa gigged around Melbourne for nearly 8 years, playing bars, scout halls and once on a train. The band released 1 Album (Kite) and three singles (Bicycle Thieves, Paul Weller (was formerly yours) and Born to Shop.

Captain Cocoa's sound was described as jangly, wee, quirky and popish and with a brass section and a percussionist gave them a slightly funky world music before-its-time feel. Their influences were, well, obvious: Orange Juice, Mental as Anything, the Reels, Madness, the Specials, the Church, the Go-Betweens and Kid Creole and the Coconuts (they admitted it).

Formed by the twin brothers and friends mostly from the 1st/3d Mitcham Scout Group, the group's line up was the following over the years:

*played from start to end with the band (well Andre did join 6 months after the start )

Glenn O'Neil (vocals*)
David O'Neil (vocals and bass*)
David Wookey (drums*)
Andre Elhay (saxaphone and flute*)
Evan Ong (percussion)
Terence Abrahams (guitar)
Duncan (guitar - very shortly )
Mark Murphy (guitar)
Mark Sbarrato (guitar - later years)
Russell Eicke (bass)
Anthony "Poss" Robinson (bass)
Andrew Hepburn (bass)
Anthony Eaton (percussion - later years)
Leon de Bruin (trumpet)
Nigel (trumpet)
A.D. (trumpet and guitar)

Captain Cocoa split up in the late 80s over "musical similarities" and the members of the band went on to varying levels of fame and fortune.

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Formally Yours (7") Mid-80s
on Unknown
Bicycle Thieves (7") 1988
on Cleopatra Releases
Kite (LP) 1988
on Cleopatra Releases
Born To Shop (7") 9.Nov 1990
on Musicland Releases
On compilations:
Mind The Gap - The Tape  (K7) 21.Dec 1990
on Mind The Gap - MTG 2
- Ring Me Up
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