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Various Artists
Everlasting Happiness
The Ammonites - It Hurts Inside
The Applicants - Had Enough Of You
Baldwin's Casuals - She's Out Of My Mind
Besotted - Mooncrash
The Cheese Engineers - I Once Fell In Love With Somebody Wearing Slacks
The Colgates - Potato
Fat Tulips - Amelia
Fat Tulips - Fallen Child Of The Seventies
The Golden Dawn - Chase My Blues Away
The Golden Dawn - Fire
The Librarians - Below The Waist
The Losers - Why Can't You Be Yourself For A Change
The Lowthers - Loyalty
The Mayfields - I Don't Dream
The Mayfields - Seasons Pass
The New Pans People - Demin Trousers
Nine Steps To Ugly - Vaudville
The Quants - Suicide Blonde
The Rosaries - Youth
Shine! - I Just Can't Celebrate Today
Slowdive - Beach Song
Slowdive - Take Me Down
The Sohfas - At Long Last
Spinning Wheels - That's The Question
The Vinegar Blossom - Solstice
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