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The Penny Candles
(England) Hull
Formed in June 1988 in Hull by Nick Langley (bass & vocals) and Alison Hughes (rhythm guitar & vocals), they travelled the length and breadth of the country pedalling their twee indiepop, having picked up Hugh Whitaker (drums & vocals) and Steve Parry (guitar) along the way.

They released 3 tapes: "Sunny Enough For Cats", "Sunny Enough For Cats Too" and "Wossname" as well as "Taj Mahal", a 12" EP.

Nick left the band in August 1990 after a triumphant gig at the Reading Festival - Hugh and Steve had already moved on by this point - and the band finally disbanded in March 1991.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed myself!

All the best,
Nick Langley (April 2012, Hull)

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Sunny Enough For Cats Too! (K7)
Taj Mahal (12") 1990
on Redeye Records
On compilations:
Borobudur  (LP) 26 July 1990
- No Doubt
- Memory Box
- Nicely
- Sometimes
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