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Various Artists
You Can't Be Loved Forever 2
Are You Mr.Riley - I Can Wait
The Blood Oranges - I Ain't No Doll
Burning Skies Of Elysium - Dutch Villa
The Candles - Pierce My Shell
Diatribe - Sacred Cows
Expresso Bongo - The Ostrich
Fat Tulips - As Long As You Need Me
Feverfew - Give It Up
Girl Of My Best Friend - Merry Go Round
Greenhouse - On The Occasion
Greenhouse - Refugees From England
The Haywains - Now That I've Got One Up To You
Home And Abroad - Frame By Frame
Home And Abroad - Smokey Town
Honeytrap - A Slender Grip
The Jesus Trip - Suicide
Justice League Of America - Learn The Rules
The Moving Jelly Brothers - Michael,Michael,Michael
Nine Steps To Ugly - Eddie Lopez
The Penny Candles - Sometimes
The Rain - First Of May
St.James Infirmary - How Many Times
Shelley's Children - Circle Line
Shelley's Children - Elvis Say's
Sometimes Sartre - Good Book
Strawberry Story - For The Love Of Billy
Strawberry Story - I Still Want You
Toad - Show Me
Toad - Sometimes
Tom And Johnny - Sandcastle Kings
The Vinegar Blossom - Perfection Found In Good Health
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