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Various Artists
Positively Teenage!!
Bulldozer Crash - Walks Away
The Church Grims - Plaster Saint
The Church Grims - Seen It All
The Driscolls - It's Your Daughter
Fat Tulips - All That Matters
The Felicitys - Why Don't You Come Round
The Gravy Train - All Fall Down
The Gravy Train - Devil In Your Shoe
Hellfire Sermons - Down All The Days
Hellfire Sermons - Real Life Seams
The Lavender Faction - In My Mind
The Librarians - Stripping In The Cemetry
Love Parade - Dave Clark 5
Love Parade - Lazy Days
Marc - Clearer,Brghter,Sharper
The Mayfields - Out To See
The Mayfields - World Of Your Own
Mousefolk - Wishing The Summer Away
Panda Pops - Submarine
The Penny Candles - Memory Box
Perfect Kiss - So Many Alike
Regulators - Southside Johnny
Remember Fun - P.S. Elaine
St.Christopher - Charmelle
St.James Infirmary - The Sun Don't Shine
Patrick Skelly And The Prescription - Untitled
The Sohfas - Thorns
The Spinning Jennys - Gardeners Weakly
Strawberry Story - For The Love Of Billy
The Sunflowers - Sunflower Babies
The Sunflowers - Sunflower Mum
The Williams - Still Keep Coming
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