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Various Artists
Turquoise Days
The Becketts - Hurricane
The Benjamins - Abide With Me
The Driscolls - PC Roberts
Fat Tulips - Don't Tell Me You Feel
Girl Of My Best Friend - Military Days
Andy Green - Running In The Opposite Way
The Haywains - Stand With You
Honeytrap - England
The Losers - Why Can't You Be Yourself
Mousefolk - Fire Engine
Mousefolk - Sleepwalk
The Penny Candles - Nicely
The Popguns - Leave It Alone
The Price - On The Ice
Red Letter Day - Fall Apart
St.Christopher - On the Death Of My Son
The Sohfas - Smothered
The Tulips - Caron Keating
The Tulips - Not Today Thank You
Watch You Drown - Face Of Reality
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