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Album Charts January 1999
1Acid House Kings - Advantage Acid House Kings
1Cane 141 - scene from 6am
3Belle And Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
3Eggstone - Viva La Difference!
5Cinerama - Va Va Voom!
5DJ Coco - Apolo Nightmare nº 13
5The Apples In Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution
8Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
8The Field Mice - Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
10Bannane et Loui Loui - Let´s sell all our records and move somewhere else
10Kitty Craft - Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch
10Olivia Tremor Control - Dusk @ Cubist Castle: Music from the unrealized film script
10The Cardigans - Gran Turismo
10Tullycraft - City of Subarus
15Asteroid #4 - Introducing .... The Asteroid #4
15Belle And Sebastian - If You're Felling Sinister
15Buddha On The Moon - The last autumn day
15Ciao Bella - One
15Club 8 - The Friend I once Had
15Fox, Bill - Transit Byzantium
15Freewheel - starfriend
15Low - Songs For A Dead Pilot
15Primal Scream - Echo Dek
15Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
15The Free Design - Raindrops
26800 Cherries - romantico
26Brincando De Deus - Better (when you love me)
26Cherry Orchard - the start...
26Chocolat - One Too Many Chocolat
26Eggstone - Spanish slalom
26Masters Of The Hemisphere - Masters of the Hemisphere
26Robert Wyatt - Shleep
26Saint Etienne - Good Humor
26Silver Jews - American Water
26Sonic Boom & Spectrum - What Came Before After
26Squarepusher - Music is Rotted One Note
26The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group - Sniff
26The Lucksmiths - A Good Kind Of Nervous
26Third Eye Foundation - You Guys Kill Me
26Vigil - Musica para hacer la digestion

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