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Tullycraft release 'Twee' as a single
Seattle based Tullycraft and their 3rd release for Little Teddy. A new 45 drawn from their forthcoming album "Beat, Surf, Fun" that is scheduled for release in April 2002. Like all classics it′s the opening track from the new platter and it ain′t the opener for nothing. This is a tune old Mr.Gedge would be proud of. Like Wedding Present in session with Dan "TVP" Treacy and the result is a straight in the face indiepop jewel that only sees the light of day once in a while, a long while. The B-side is a cover of a delightful Stephin Merritt composition that he wrote for Dean Wareham of Luna/Galaxie500 and was originally performed by the 6THS, but Tullycraft manage to dig something up from the bottom of the song that makes it even more straight to the heart then the splendid original. If this piece of wax won′t catch your attention you′re better off for bed folks and never wake up again.

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Published: 7 March 2002 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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