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Various Artists
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Peachy Little Secrets
(CD) Summer 2006
on Fruit Records - FRUIT003
Annemarie - Apple
The Castavetes - The phone never rings
Couple - Tentang kita
Ferns - Disaster strikes again
|ingenting| - Slapp in Solen
La Casa Azul - Prefiero Bailar
Little Name - For the attention of
The Lucksmiths - Sunlight in a jar
Luisa Mandou Um Beijo - Amerelinha
The Marshmallow Kisses - Everyone is ahead, far ahead
Mocca - I Would Never...
The Monophones - Mentari
My Favorite - Burning hearts
My Little Airport - Japan sut gua
My Writes - Love in the 60s
1900 Yesterday - Oh..(Apa yang akan terjadi?)
The Oddfellows - Unity Song
Purplepaige - Suzie on monday morning
Sally Faerie - One Day
Serenaide - The Girl From Katong
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