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(Indonesia) Bandung
Annemarie was born in late 2004. Eko met with Iqbal his junior high school mate. They talked about making a band, so they asked Banyu, Dian, Tantri and Tating to get into the band. Banyu and Dian are Iqbal's friend and Tating is Eko's friend. They met Tantri on the 1st year in university. Annemarie came with many influences Eko loves Velvet Underground and beyond, Iqbal with his Tweepop and The Smiths collection, Banyu very Blur-ish influence, Dian with his madchester style, Tating loves Cocteau Twins and Joy Division, Tantri with her etherial pop solo project. But they're deep in love with indiepop music. Their first debut is The Living Model Ep released by Swedish great indiepop label Music is Mygirlfriend.

The come and go: After recording The Living Model Ep Dian have to leave because of his study, same as Banyu. As for some reasons Eko and Tating left too. During the recording session for 'ABC On TV' Debut album, Inu and Jojon joined in and they became full members of Annemarie, Dian helped a lot too in 'ABC on TV' recording session.

And after a long long time passed by, now Annemarie with their new line up are ready to get back on the track. They are now preparing for their second album. Their new songs like Blue Sky on Holiday, is more into summer pop song that will accompany your summer trip.

It's been years of come and go, and here they're now, Iqbal (vocal/guitar), Rima (vocal), Asso (bass), Tating (guitar), Bayu (drum), and Icha (keyboard).
With high hopes of bringing back their lovely tunes, Annemarie are living still.

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ABC On TV (CD) 2007 - More details
on Music Is My Girlfriend MIMG013
and Plastilina Records - PLAST003
- Apple (suicide on your stereo set)
- Strawberry Fields Forever
- The Living Model
- Love in The Morning
- Bubble Gum I See
- Won't Be Nice
- Wonderboy
- ABC on TV
- Lazy Sunny Day
- Seems Like Yesterday
The Living Model EP (CD)
On compilations:
Peachy Little Secrets  (CD) Summer 2006
on Fruit Records - FRUIT003
- Apple
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