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Various Artists
Bliss One
(CD) 2001
on Shelflife Records - LIFE 40
Aerospace - i should have been asleep instead
Brittle Stars - disorderlies
Clean Boy - messy girl
The Fairwood Singers - big bright shiny yellow sun
Free Loan Investment - the city under lights
Girlfrendo - honeybee
Mahogany - sophie taueber arp
Majestic - almost awake
Mary And Anita - i'd do it all again
The Maybellines - sprawl forever
Moving Pictures - one curarura
Tara Emelye Needham - plastic bouquet
The Parcels - if i ever get the chance again
The Poconos - honeydew
Pololeo - new places
The Shermans - the last one
The Snow Fairies - my dream house
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