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The Bright Idea Called Soul! (Demo) (CD) 2001
on Band
A Minute History Of Air And Space (7") Summer 2001 - More details
on Modesto Records / Strings Of Nashville Records
- The Only Things We Share
- Substance Girl
- Better Days
- Never Felt Like This
The Bright Idea Called Soul (LP+CD) 14 Nov 2001 - More details
on Summersound Recordings - SUMMER 6
- Hey Boy! (A Song For Kenji)
- Summer Still Reigns Supreme
- The Only Things We Share
- I Should Have Stayed Asleep
- The Caroline I Know
- The World Resolves Around Her
- Summer Days Are Forever
- All Fall Through
- Summer Bliss
- Better Days
Pink Boy, Blue Girl (Demo) (CD5) 2002
on Band
In A Place Of Silver Eaves (CD) Sep-2003
on Majestic CD 5059
- December Slow
- The Great Divide
- Debutante Love Affair
- My Love Don't Care About Time
- (You're) Much Too Young
- Tenderness IS The Plight Of The Weakerthan
On compilations:
Summer Weddings  (7") 1999
on Labrador Records - LAB 9
- Revolution For The Weekend
- Summer Belongs To Her
Bliss One  (CD) 2001
on Shelflife Records - LIFE 40
accompanies the book 'Bliss One' by Jill Bliss
- i should have been asleep instead
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