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Album Charts May 1999
1Thee Bays - Sit Down..Relax..Have a Mocha
2Wu-Tang Clan - Wu Tang Forever
3The Punk Rocks/The Deaths - Viva La Split
4The Field Mice - Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
4The sweating headbangers - rough neck ep
6La Buena Vida - Panorama
6New Jersey Hit Squad - Rockin Your ass 360 style with a big piece of shit!
8Belle And Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
9Belle And Sebastian - If You're Felling Sinister
10Acid House Kings - Advantage Acid House Kings
10Brideshead - Some People Have All The Fun
12Beulah - When Your Heartstrings Break
12Looper - Up a Tree
12Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage volume 1: Animation music volume #1
12Starlet - From the one you left behind
16Air - Moon Safari
16American Analog Set - The Fun of Watching Fireworks
16Barcelona - simon basic
16Belle And Sebastian - Tigermilk
16Ben Folds Five - The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
16Brian - Bring Trouble
16Cherry Orchard - the start...
16Cinerama - Va Va Voom!
16Eggstone - Viva La Difference!
16Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
16Insane Records Rareties, Volume one - Rareties, Volume one
16Majestic - Live It Up
16Parade - Metaluna
16The Aluminum Group - Plano
16Trembling Blue Stars - Her Handwriting
16Various Artists - Airpop
16Wiretaps - Recording
16Wolfie - Where's Wolfie
34April March - Superbanyair
34Elliot Smith - XO
34Girlfrendo - Surprise! Surprise! It's Girlfrendo
34Halo Benders - Don't Tell Me Now

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