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Album Charts October 1998
1Belle And Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
2Guided By Voices - Crying Your Knife Away (Live)
3Various Artists - Algebra Spaghetti
4Air - Moon Safari
4Belle And Sebastian - If You're Felling Sinister
4Elliot Smith - XO
4The Field Mice - Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
4The Free Design - Raindrops
4Various Artists - Blatant Doom Trip (GBV Tribute)
10Cinerama - Va Va Voom!
10Club 8 - The Friend I once Had
10Hershel Savage & The American Frag - S/T
10Primal Scream - Vanishing Point
10Primal Scream - Echo Dek
10Robert Pollard - Waved Out
10Star Ghost Dog - Happylove
10Stereolab - Dots & Loops
10Swearing at motorists - swearing at motorists
10The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group - Sniff
10Vigil - Musica para hacer la digestion
21Acid House Kings - Advantage Acid House Kings
21Arab Strap - Philophobia
21Asteroid #4 - Introducing .... The Asteroid #4
21Class - First Class
21Club 8 - Nouvelle
21Congratulations - How We Didn't Get There
21Congratulations Fruit - The Brain Thief
21Cornelius - Fantasma
21Eggstone - Spanish slalom
21Girlfrendo - Surprise! Surprise! It's Girlfrendo
21Miosec - Baiser
21Number Girl - Drunken Hearted
21Number Girl - School Girl Bye Bye
21Saint Etienne - Good Humor
21Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
21The Lucksmiths - A Good Kind Of Nervous
21Various Artists - Expreso
21Various Artists - We Can Still Be Friends
21Wolfie - Awful Mess Mystery
40Aimee Mann - I'm With Stupid

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