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Album Charts March 1998
1Momus - Plays Ping Pong
2Belle And Sebastian - If You're Felling Sinister
2Elliot Smith - Either/Or
2Holiday - Café Reggio
5Leslies - Totally Brilliant
5Mogwai - Young Team
5The Ropers - The World is Fire
8Leslies - Of today - for today
8Starlet - From the one you left behind
10Cessna - Bordeaux
10Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
12Adventures In Stereo - Adventures In Stereo
12Tortoise - TNT
12Various Artists - Expreso
15Club 8 - Nouvelle
15June of '44 - Four Great Points
15Trembling Blue Stars - Lips That taste Of Tears
18Belle And Sebastian - Tigermilk
18Gaze - Mitsumeru
18The Free Design - Bubbles
18Various Artists - Songs For The Jet Set
22Björk - Homogenic
22Bob Hund - ett fall och en lösning (double 7')
22Eric Matthews - The Lateness Of The Hour
22Mumbly - Being Ernest
22The Apples In Stereo - Tone Soul Evolution
22The Divine Comedy - A Short Album About Love
22The Softies - Winter Pageant
22Wu-Tang Clan - Wu Tang Forever
30Artifacts - That`s Them
30Cherry Orchard - the start...
30Eric Matthews - It's Heavy In Here
30Fat Tulips - Starfish
30Gene - Drawn to the deep end
30I Live the Life of a Movie Star Secret Hideout - Cherries Constantine
30Jason Falkner - Presents Author Unknown
30Komeda - the genius of komeda
30La Buena Vida - Soidemersol
30Los Fresones Rebeldes - Es que no hay manera!
30Push Kings - Push Kings

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