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(United States) Connecticut
born late 1992 as Wimp Rocket
with Josh Gennet (guitar/vocal), Andrew Park (bass/occassional vocal), 
Matt Snow (guitar), Alesis Drum Machine

Summer 1993
added Paul Moyano on drums

Fall 1993
added Calvin Chin on drums, establishing current line-up of 

Spring 1994
-Claudia Goes to Grad School (on "Childhood Friends" comp cassette free 
with Jaboni Youth fanzine #4)
-Hot Carl (soon to be on a Cassiel Records CD comp)

Winter 1995
-Ashtray Boy (intended for a split single with Ashtray Boy on Ajax which 
may or may not be released by summer time)

Fall 1995
recorded 7" for Strumalicious records to be released Spring 1996
Produced by Holiday at Holiday Lounge in Brooklyn, NY
songs are
A. How Do You Know?
B. That's Not Me (by the Beach Boys)

also, there are many unreleased tracks (as Wimp Rocket and Holiday), most 
of which were recorded on 8-track, a few of which are live tracks, and 
several of which (rumor has it) are circulating on cassettes.

The band split up after their last gig at the Popfest in New York in January 1997

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My Roommate Joe (7") summer 1993
on Tasty Bits - TB001
recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago with Paul Moyano on drums, produced by Dave Trumfio with Holiday. Limited to 300 copies
- New Year's Anything
- Happy If You Knew It
- Periwinkle
- Candy (Magnetic Fields cover)
Permission Slip (7") Spring 1994
on Tasty Bits - TB002
recorded second 7" at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago, produced by Dave Trumfio with Holiday. Limited to 200 copies
- Permission Slip
- Fifteen Dollars
Prostitutes in Town (7") Fall 1994
on Tasty Bits - TB003
recorded at the Holiday Lounge in New Haven, CT. Produced by Dave Trumfio with Ashtray Boy and Holiday. Limited to 300 copies
- Prostitutes in Town
- Soft Batch
Holiday (CD) 1995 - More details
on March Records - MAR 16
recorded at Kingsize in February 1995, produced by Dave Trumfio with Holiday
- Satisfaction
- You've Got Nothing
- Ace Tone
- Holly
- Soft Batch
- Broadway Angel
- Fifteen Dollars
- Golden Anniversary
- Obviously Love
- Permission Slip
- She Never
- Sarah
Ready Steady Go! (CD) 1996 - More details
on March Records - MAR 23
recorded at Kingsize, produced by Dave Trumfio and Holiday.
- Here We Are Again
- Gent
- Prostitutes In Town (new version)
- Sandra
- It's Wrong To Love
- How Do You Know?
- So Ordinary
- April Cries
- Everything You Say
- Who's Gonna Find Out?
- She's Not The Person You Think You Know
- Still In Love
- Run Away Memphis
- The Likely End Of Our Best Days
Three New Songs By Holiday (CD5) 1996
on March Records - MAR 18
- Who's Gonna Find Out
- Saturday
- Exposé
Cafe Reggio (LP+CD) Aug 1997
on Siesta Records - SIESTA 64
- There's A Place
- Well Enough Alone
- Just Follow
- Your Very Last Party
- Something About You
- All I Want
- Shelagh Delany
- Sherman
- Saturday
- Gent
- Everything You Say
- Still In Love
- Broadway Angel
Cafe Reggio (LP+CD) 1997
on Spin Art Records - SPART 59
On compilations:
Pop American Style  (CD+LP2) 1996
on March Records - MAR 24
vinyl has been released in Japan only
- It's Only Love
on Third Gear Records
- Ashtray Boy
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