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a compilation CD featuring 24 bands from 10 countries,
brought to you by TweeNet Communications and Kindercore Records.

La Buena Vida 1 Tardes de Cafe
Masters Of The Hemisphere 2 My Cloud
Super 3 All-American Cheesecake
#Poundsign# 4 AYSO
Mumbly 5 Demain
Shoestrings 6 Theme From "Kiss Me Goodnight"
Brideshead 7 Shampoo Bubble
The Best Wishes 8 The Best Sort Of Wishes
Acid House Kings 9 Paris
Kincaid 10 Trackside
Airport Girl 11 I Never Liked The Look Of You
Hey Paulette 12 Inconsequential
The Silent Boys 13 Saturday
The Crooner 14 A Warm Day In June
Watoo Watoo 15 The Golden Castle (acoustic version)
Bunnygrunt 16 My Darling, My Jackhammer
Den Baron 17 Potion No.1
Cessna 18 Explain To Me Again
The Autumn Teen Sound 19 Number One
Die Elektros 20 Kämpferin in S-Bahnzügen
Gritty Kitty 21 Summer Rain
The Sugargliders 22 Everybody Supermarket
Red Sleeping Beauty 23 You Are The Kind
The Legendary Bang 24 Love