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#Poundsign# - AYSO:

You hear the whistle blow and
the referee says you can go
and everybody starts to scream
you feel the ball move under your feet
you pass it to the right
kick it with all of your might

To be you on Saturday, and you know that your friends will be there
To be you on Saturday, playing under the sun and the sky

Everything's in black and white,
you see the grass go rushing by and
all your friends are by your side
the sky is blue and the sun is high
and you know that you are strong
you feel your feet carry you along


Move down the field
Your getting near

I'll always be on your side, no matter which team you're on
I'll always be on your side, no matter which team you're on

2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate

Mumbly - Demain

Demain je l'attendrai
Cette fille dont j'ai tant rêvé
Et que j'ai possédée
Demain je l'attendrai

Les adieux des amants
Courrent sans cesse
Pour toi je ne ferai pas tant
Je connais bien tes faiblesses

Demain ...

Assis devant moi
Les deux mains sous la tête
Tu attendras un signe
Pour me prendre dans tes bras

Tu ouvres la porte, Ne me reconnais pas
Noyée dans ton regard
J' attends...

Shoestrings - Theme from: "Kiss Me Goodnight"

He's got his lucky sweater on,
and his favorite trousers on.
He's parted his hair to the side.
He rehearses what to say
then tries to find a better way.
He will not be tongue-tied tonight.

There are stars in the sky
with the moon hanging by,
and the girl of his dreams in his arms.
She thinks he's very charming,
and not a bit alarming.
He's Swedish and she is in love.

She's a clever kind of girl
hailing from suburbia.
She daydreams of travelling abroad.
She knows it isn't everyday
this kind of magic comes her way.
She's crossing her fingers that he is the reason

there are stars in the sky
with the moon hanging by,
and the boy of her dreams in her arms.
He leans a little closer
as he gets to know her.
She's smiling and he is in love.

The first kiss is a magical wish.
Hold on tight,
the moment is right.
The first kiss is a magical wish.
Hold on tight
and never let go...

There are stars in the sky
with the moon hanging by.
They are happy in each other's arms.

That's the way that love goes
in these kind of musicals.
We hope that you enjoy the show!

The Silent Boys - Saturday

No! No! This daily grind won't get to me
because I'm hoping, I'm praying, I'm waiting for a Saturday.
And maybe, just maybe my wrecklessness will take me away
but I'm hoping, I'm praying, I'm waiting for a holiday.

You know I don't know why.
Sometimes I don't know why.
You know I don't know why-
why I still smile.

Yeah, oh yeah, I'm waiting at the depot now
and my heart is pounding, beating like a jackhammer

repeat chorus

The Crooner - A Warm Day In June

Well, I'm gonna help you love your face
the pigs you call your race
and every other fault on planet earth you think is mine

When every morning comes and goes
and nothing's there that glows
You're colorblind and sorry 'cos it shows

Love's coming past your way just once
Then it melts away
On a warm day in June

The things that may matter in this life
The blue sky and the light are free for you and me
Our love's the passport to the moon

See, you're so wrapped up in this trip
To look cool and be hip
The shallow and the useless sank your ship

Love coming past your way
You ducked- then it flew away
On a warm day in June

Watoo Watoo - The Golden Castle

I'll wait for you by the river,
just behind the golden castle

Where we used to spend hours, just
laying there under the sun

I've been 8 long years (away) far from you,
I felt so lonely, I went through
Hours of darkness to see you...

& when you walk by my side, will you
show me your brightest smile?
My lips will come so close to
yours until you start to cry

& when your shadow fades away
The wind will blow away your perfume
I will feel insecure again
Waiting for another day

Die Elektros - Kämpferin in S-Bahnzügen

Ich stehe auf dem Dach
und schaue auf die Stadt
ich fühle mich etwas matt
jetzt bin ich wieder wach
nicht zu spät am Tag
Dort unten bist du
du hast viel zu tun
keine Zeit auszuruhn
verpaßt du einen Bus
kriegst du eins auf die Nuß

Ich werde dich wohl immer lieben
Kämpferin in S-Bahnzügen
Die Türen sind schwer aufzukriegen
aber ich weiß, du wirst gegen sie alle siegen

Ich steige dann vom Dach
und treffe dich am Bad
du machst mich frisch
du bist wie ein Fisch
Tag und Nacht
Du duckst mich unter
das macht mich munter
und du sagst es ist gesund
doch manchmal habe ich Zweifel
an deinem Eifer
bevor ich zu dir sag

Ich werde dich wohl ...