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worth to steal for !
why do a lot of nice compilations, albums, songs has the word summer on it?
great...great...great!!!a thousands greats!
light Rotation Web Zine:
This compilation is such an exception to my general avoidance of reviewing comps that I had to get over it this time around. I mean, how can there be any denying a collection of such stellar casting? You have here (big breath) cocktail pop stylings of La Buena Vida, the swank strumminess of The Masters Of The Hemisphere, dreamy blinky light charms of #Poundsign#, silvery chimey sounds of Mumbly, the cuteness of rosy-cheeks-on-a-winter-outing of Shoestrings, the sincerity in poppy jangles of Brideshead, the whispery Talulah Goshy The Best Wishes (who are my favorites on the CD), the knock-out pop expertise of Acid House Kings, the swanky boys-next-door charms of kincaid., the Haywains-esque The Silent Boys, the mix of cocktail and dream pops of The Crooner, simple twirly strums by Watoo Watoo, bubblegum bubble bursting bop-bopping Bunnygrunt, the unassuming yet catchy Cessna, the new wavey electro skillz of The Autumn Teen Sound, bicycle riding on the autobahn with Die Elektros, watching the raindrops make ripples in puddles with Gritty Kitty, nodding in sync (and in agreement) with pop legends The Sugargliders, the boy-girl vocals mastery of Red Sleeping Beauty, and The Legendary Bang closing it out on a lovey note. I hope the review isn't too smushed-looking, but I hope to get the message across that this is a key addition to any pop fan's collection. Put it on at slumber parties! Put it on shuffle mode and impress your guests! You can also check out the TweeNet site for information on each of the bands. Now that's handy.
wow..the most perfect summer compilation..ever
ted alviar:
if you can only own 1 CD in your life time....this is it!!!!! sheer listening pleasure.
Alexander T!:
yooo i'm halfway through the cd now. i just got it. i can't believe i'm writing this. fantastic art and lovely music.
Good design and music!