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The Siddeleys
(England) London
The Legend wrote about them in the NME 19 September 1987:

A gentle teasing lament with cool female vocals ans a lifting backing which trickles around the back of the nervous system with deceptive charm. "What Went Wrong?" is the Black Horse's answer to the overt flamboyance of The Smiths making Morrissey's winsomeness sound positively brutal in comparism. The run-out groove rather cryptically explaims 'Vehicles and violence again...' but it'd be difficult to find a politer, more poignantly insecure band whose song-titles include the perennual 'My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon', and members number a stockbroken and a squatter.

At the bottom level, the importance of bands such as The Siddeleys and their comtemporaries cannot be overestimated; creating a medium for fellow music enthusiasts to take comfort in an draw inspiration from... it's enough to know for now that people still take a simple pride in writing good tunes. 'What Went Wrong?' is so delightfully unassuming it could well end up being overlooked: it's up to you not to let it.

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TweeNet news articles:
What Went Wrong This Time? (7") September 1987
7" Ltd. to 1000 copies
- What Went Wrong This Time?
- No Names...
- My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon
Sunshine Thuggery (12") Aug 1988 - More details
on Sombrero Records - SOMBRERO 3
Re-issued: Firestation Records - FST 120 (12") 3-Jul-2015
- Sunshine Thuggery
- Are You Still Evil When You're Sleeping?
- Falling Off Of My Feet Again
- Bribes And Bruises
Slum Clearance (CD) 2-July-2001 - More details
on Clarendon Records - W6 1CD
and Matinée Recordings - MATCD 5
- Are You Still Evil When You're Sleeping?
- Bedlam On The Mezzanine
- Bribes And Bruises
- Every Day Of Every Week
- Falling Off Of My Feet Again
- I Wish I Was Good
- Love With Blood
- My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon
- No Names...
- Something Almost Brilliant Happened Last Time
- Sunshine Thuggery
- Theft
- What Went Wrong This Time?
- When I Grow Up I'll Be A God
- Wherever You Go
- You Get What You Deserve
Songs From The Sidings (LP+CD) 2017
on Firestation Records - FST 150
On compilations:
Hoopla  (K7)
Re-released on LP by Accident Records in 2001
- Bedlam On The Mezzanine
on Sha La La Flexis - BA 6
with fanzine "Trout Fishing In Leytonstone#4"
- Wherever You Go
on Spasm/Midnight Music
- Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.1  (LP+CD) 23-Oct-2000
on Bilberry Records - BILB 5
and Firestation Records - FST 8
and TweeNet Communcations - TWEE 5
- Sunshine Thuggery
on Accident Records - DENT 5
- Bedlam On The Mezzanine
CD86  (CD) 23-Oct-2006
on Castle Music CMEDD1420
- What Went Wrong This Time
on Cherry Red Records - CRCDBOX10
- My Favourite Wet Wednesday
Radio Sessions:
John Peel Session (28-Sep-1988)
-Something Almost Brilliant Happened Last Time
-You Get What You Deserve
-I Wish I Was Good
-Every Day Of Every Week
John Peel Session (23-May-1989)
-My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon
-Love With Blood
-When I Grow Up I'll Be A God
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