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(England) Brighton

A Brief History

Once upon a time in about 1983, Keith met Paul at someone's party and started chatting about records. They discovered that they likes the same kinds of music and decided to form a band. Some years later, after recruiting three more people to join them, FEVERFEW are formed. They play small gigs and enjoy local success in their home town of Reading. Their existence is shortlived however, and the only claim to fame of coming second in a talent show for Sky Television, they finally disband.

Not content with piles of unsold Feverfew flexi-singles in their bedrooms, the two boys decided to try again. This time they recorded a demo tape in a friend's shed and send one of the songs to Sarah. The song is 'Clearer', and Sarah decide to release it as a single.

Soon after, Lloyd joins the band on drums, Mark plays bass and Harvey joins as second guitarist. Gemma answers an advert she sees for a vocalist/cellist and the line up is complete. After six singles, tow albums and tours of England, Japan and France, Martin replaces Lloyd as drummer and Gemma replaces Mark on bass.

New Single

By now you should have heard about the new single. As ever it features three songs (previously unavailable!) 'Dirty Mags', 'Loony Tunes' and 'Toulouse'. These were originally previewed at a John Peel session on Radio 1 some months before being re-recorded for the single release. If your record store refuses to stock it, you can order it in the normal way form Sarah.

Due to a couple of drastic line-up changes and the desire to write new material, the only event coming up is the gig at the Thekla in Bristol on August 28th. As I write this, though. I have heard it is now completely sold out, so sorry if you missed it, but if you are going. see you there. The band will be playing some dates in London - so watch out this space.

written by Clovis in summer 1995,

On May 15, 2007, Keith Girdler died of cancer. -alan
write to:

P.O. Box 359
Berkshire RG30 2YX

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Clearer (7") Oct 1991
on Sarah Records - SARAH 055
Popkiss EP (7") Aug 1992
on Sarah Records - SARAH 065
If Wishes Were Horses (LP+CD) Sep 1992
on Sarah Records - SARAH 612
Speedboat (CD) 21-Sep-1993
on Quattro Label - QTCY-2027
- A Gentle Sigh
- Air France
- Elle
- Meet Johnny Rave
- Stephanie
- Try Happiness
Cloudbabies (5"FLX) 1993
on Sarah Records - SARAH 070
Meet Johnny Rave (7"+CD5) 1993
on Sarah Records - SARAH 074
Some Gorgeous Accident EP (7"+CD5) 1993
on Sarah Records - SARAH 080
River (7"+CD5) May 1994
on Sarah Records - SARAH 088
Unisex (LP+CD) May 1994
on Sarah Records - SARAH 620
Bikini (7") May 1995
on Aquavinyle Records - AQUA 01
- Chelsea Guitar
- Air France
- Sea Horses
Dirty Mags (7"+CD5) 1995
on Sarah Records - SARAH 099
Love Yourself / Melancholia (7") 14.Oct 1996
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 4
1.6.98 (7"+CD5) June 1998
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 9
The Bank Of England (CD) 6.July 1998
on Shinkansen Recordings - SHINKANSEN 12
If Wishes Were Horses (CD) 18-Jan-2010
on El Label - ACME 500
- Candy Bracelet
- Cloud Babies
- Too Good To Be True
- Fondette
- Sea Horses
- Clear Skies
- Happiness And Smiles
- Amoroso
- Clearer
- Alison
- Popkiss
- Chelsea Guitar
- Fearon
- Meet Johnny Rave
- Elle
- Air France
- Try Happiness
- A Gentle Sigh
- Stephanie
Unisex (CD) 15-Feb-2010
on El Label - ACME 501
- So Catch Him
- Cosmopolitan
- Marble Arch
- The Joy Of Living
- Fleetway
- Also Ran
- Boys Don't Matter
- Self Portrait
- Lazy Thunderstorms
- Finistere
- Always There
- Imipramine
- So Catch Him Reprise
- River
- Nimbus
- Hit
- Dirty Mags
- Loony Tunes
- Toulouse
The Bank Of England (CD) 15-March-2010
on El Label - ACME 502
- Joined-Up Writing
- Miss Uk
- Love Yourself
- By Appointment
- Marco Polo
- Jennifer Yeah!
- Disco Bunny
- Chadwick
- Ask The Family
- Bradford Texas
- Angel At My Table
- Love Yourself
- Melancholia
- Marco Polo
- What Do People Do All Day?
On compilations:
on Records From The Cookie Noise Tower
- Chelsea Guitar
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