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Jason Smart
(England) Brighton
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TweeNet news articles:
Adam's Apple (FLX)
on Partyhouse
Queen Of Beans (12") unreleased
The Queen Of Bees (7"2) 1995
on Hoppel Di Hoy Records
The King Of Penguines, The Queen Of Bees (CD) Jan 2000
on Home Grown Music
On compilations:
Hoopla  (K7)
Re-released on LP by Accident Records in 2001
- Sarah Cuts Her Hair
Poptones Flexi  (FLX)
on Poptones Production
- An Unkept Unswept Garden Of Love
La Di Da Sampler  (7") 1989
- The Sea
Borobudur  (LP) 26 July 1990
- Eleanor
on Now That's Righteous
- Juggernaught
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