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The King of Penguins, The Queen of Bees by Jason Smart
An 18 track compilation from the Brighton-based singer/songwriter who has previously released his songs through LADIDA Productions in England & HOPPLEDIHOY in Germany.The 8 songs on "The Queen of Bees"(1995) stem from this period. "The King of Penguins" (2000) consists of 10 songs he's recorded since then for local label HOME-GROWN MUSIC.
Featuring Pat Walkington(The Popguns) on Bass Guitar, Steve Walker(Spitfire/The Auteurs) on Electric Guitar & Dick Preece (Lovejoy/Beaumont) also on Guitar,amongst others, it comes with a matching website( through which you can learn more about him & his music.

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Published: 4 April 2000 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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