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New Lucksmiths CD released
The Lucksmiths, a Melbourne-based pop group, have issued a statement denying that the release of their new album "Why That Doesn't Surprise Me" played any part in the recently announced Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman separation. Guitarist Marty Donald dismissed the claims as "pure speculation". "It is our first full-length studio recording since 1997 [the well-received "A Good Kind of Nervous"], so there was a degree of expectation involved for us - and, hopefully, for the public," he said. "However, to suggest that it could lead to something like this is way off the mark."
"Why That Doesn't Surprise Me" was recorded over the Australian summer at Audrey Studios in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond, under the guidance of producer Craig Pilkington (the Killjoys). Its fourteen tracks build on the Lucksmiths' brand of intelligent pop, embellishing it with organ, piano, brass, clarinet, and - yes - a string quartet. Good friend Darren Hanlon was one of the many collaborators.
Lyrically it is the group's most personal work to date. All three Lucksmiths contributed songs to the album, and the maturing evident in their writing is reflected in the greater sophistication of the arrangements. However, Donald rejected suggestions that songs dealing with the pressures faced by lovers separated by work ("Don't Bring Your Work to Bed") or distance ("The Great Dividing Range"), the aftermath of a break-up ("All the Recipes I've Ever Ruined"), and advising a friend to end a troubled relationship ("Synchronised Sinking"), were in fact oblique references to the Cruise/Kidman situation. "That's laughable," he laughed. "This album is more diverse than that. We've also got songs about cousins, rollercoasters and the Beach Boys.
The head of the Lucksmiths' Australian label Candle Records, Mr Chris Crouch, was unavailable for comment, being on his way to Los Angeles "to comfort a close friend". However, a Candle spokesperson described the story as a "shocker" and said see the facts for yourself on their 5 week Australian tour before they head to Japan, USA and UK.

Released in the US on Drive-In, Australia on Candle, Japan on Clover. The release will also be made available on 12" 220 gram Czechoslovakian vinyl, price and release date to be determined.

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Published: 4 March 2001 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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