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Tom Paulin-It's A Girls World
"It's a Girls World" hits the shops this week to seemingly endless acclaim from all quarters. Kitty Empire, writing in the NME, called it a "cracking pop song", Steve Lamacq has played it several times on the Evening Session, XFM have play-listed it and even Mark Radcliffe is geared up to give it a spin this week. So if you want one, you'd better be quick because there's only a few and they're likely to fly from the shops pretty quickly. Our good friends at Cargo Distribution are doin the honours to make sure the racks are full. But if they're empty, fear not, because we still have one or two here that you can buy directly from us at Track & Field. They are £2.50 each including postage and come on really thick vinyl that you could eat yr dinner off if you so wished. If you don't, it'll make sure it sounds crisp and nice when you spin it on yr record player.
Mail order from or send a £2.50 cheque made out to Track & Field Organisation to Track & Field Organisation, 7 Lakefield Road, London, N22 6RR. You can also e-mail us for more info at

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Published: 25 January 2001 Author: Track And Field
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