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The Spanish Amanda - Brave New Girl CD
Anybody who thinks Indiepop, Dance music and politics can't be mixed with each other? Well folks, The Spanish Amanda disproves your opinion! Every now and then a demo arrives at the Firestation Tower office which leaves our mouths wide open - the one from The Spanish Amanda was of such quality. We couldn't find out what exactly it is that left us stunned. Is it the music, the singer's voice, the lyrics? It must be the sum of all this and a little bit more. Surely, the music of The Spanish Amanda is incomparable but to make it easier to you, the listener, we like to give you some musical references to help you imagine what they sound like: There are guitars that makes us think of The Smiths, dance beats that we associate with New Order and heartbreaking lyrics that we like from bands like Blueboy or Belle & Sebastian. In total Sarah and Factory act The Wake alongside current Indiepop hereos Baxendale will give you an idea of how The Spanish Amanda will sound like when you are going to put the CD into your player. Until then enjoy your life and keep the expactations high!

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Published: 19 October 2000 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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