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Den Baron - soundtrack of my life (CD)
den baron – a mystery to friends and to strangers. den mentions only a few of his personal episodes. between all of his jet-setting, clubbing and cocktail-drinking activities he also finds time to record perfect POP masterpieces. because of his hectic existence he doesn't record in famous studios but with his legendary home-recording equipment. well, we should not call it home-recording though - it is more equipment in the sense of hotel-room- or airport-lounge-recording. this new album consists of tracks like postcards from places where den has shown up in the past few months. a soundtrack of his journey that took him from the white sands of his birthplace cuba to the crowded streets of tokyo and singapore. the songs will remind you of john lennon before he met yoko, of brightest new order moments and of the ten year old cat stevens. den's message is that life is an everyday adventure - sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes it makes you weep and too often it is just "soso"... but hey: if you'll face your life the den baron way the word boredom will no longer be part of your vocabulary. ...and this CD comes to you with a 'choose your own of 5 front cover arts' booklet!!!

out now on apricot records

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Published: 29 July 2000 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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