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Monty's A typical Scorpio re-issued online
"A typical Scorpio" believed by some to be THE classic pioneering album of the 90's lounge revival has finally been re-released as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. Monty's 60s fallen spy fantasy vision beguiled and bewildered audiences all over the world when it was first released in 1993. As a result most critics did not understand it, and by the time the lounge revival kicked in in 1995, the album was merely a treasured part of the collections of the illuminati and cognoscenti. When his second album ("The Napoleon Complex") surfaced in 1999, the Austin Powers movies had rendered the genre, the object of kitsch mocking and prodding, never to be fully appreciated. Now for the first time in 13 years, experience exactly what he was going on about.
Monty was formerly lead singer with The Dubious Brothers, the anarcho music hall cult act that astonished audiences and critics in the late eighties, with turn of the century tunes set to biting modern lyrics. Their vinyl albums now sell for over $100 on ebay. He wrote several songs and help create many artistes for the legendary él records towards the end of that great label's tenure (The Posh, Her, The Rainbow choir, Mr Martini).
He has always been seen as an eccentric on the fringes of pop. He arranged and produced the seminal "Classical Punk" (known in the USA as "Symphony of Destruction") by the London Punkharmonic Orchestra: a sixteen-piece string section playing all your punk favourites (MCI records). His third solo album, the darker "The Judas Window" is also available on CD Baby.
"A typical Scorpio" is now available as a digital download from all good online music stores.

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Published: 10 February 2007 Author: Monty
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