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The Lucksmiths - Staring at the sky mini-LP
After several months' relegation to the alphabetically-arranged section, The Lucksmiths return to the New Release shelves of a record store near you with the 'Staring At The Sky' mini-album on CD and limited 10" vinyl.

The recording is something of a trans-continental affair, begun in Paris during the band's recent European tour. The boys borrowed some instruments >and recording gear, and for three grueling days locked themselves into a sixth-floor apartment on the Boulevard Voltaire, living on nothing but baguettes, coffee and red wine.

Back home in Australia, and persevering with their new-found worldliness, The Lucksmiths invited a few of their friends around to a backyard shed to polish the thing off–some horns here, some strings there, a little piano, an even smaller melodica they found in an op-shop in Finland.

The end result is tres magnifique! 'Staring At The Sky' is six understated classic pop tunes spanning everything from love and self pity to aviation history. The band is currently touring the US and headed for Japan in December in support of the album.

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Published: 5 December 1999 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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