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New album by Monty
Narcissus anounce the release of "the judas Window", the third solo album by Monty. The judas Window is the darkest journey he could take. Monty was formerly lead singer with The Dubious Brothers, the anarcho music hall cult act that bewildered audiences and critics in the late eighties, with turn of the century tunes set to biting modern lyrics. Their vinyl albums now sell for over £100 on ebay. He then went on to write for the even more legendary él records and launched a solo career, releasing albums in the UK and Japan with Humbug, Cherry Red, Polystar and Midi Mitsubishi.

He has always been seen as an eccentric on the fringes of pop. He arranged and produced the seminal "Classical Punk" (known in the USA as "Symphony of Destruction") by the London Punkharmonic Orchestra: a sixteen-piece string section playing all your punk favourites (MCI records). His two previous solo albums "A Typical Scorpio" and "The Napoleon Complex" both pioneered and saw off the lounge revival in the UK.

Now the master wordsmith is darkening your door again with a heavier luscious almost lounge-goth affair that will knock your socks off. Painstakingly recorded in his little room over the last few years, this could well be the bedroom mini classic of 2006. Is he serious or is he teasing you? Who cares? It's a great album.

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Published: 26 July 2006 Author: Monty
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