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Love Dance debuts on Marsh Marigold
Love Dance is a pop band that has ascended from the streets of Bergen, Norway's second largest city. The quartet's debut EP is out on German label Marsh-Marigold.

The sound of Love Dance has been compared to that of some of the best bands of the eighties' and nineties' indie scene i.e. Sarah Records favourites Another Sunny Day and The Field Mice. On their selftitled debut EP, Love Dance combines the warm sound of jangly guitars with the sound of drum machines and keyboards to make melodic, clean pop music. The songs have the polyphonic quality that pop music can have at its best; a kind of melancholy that sounds uplifting, the perfect combination between happiness and sadness. Love Dance is the sound of four boys from Bergen, and is inspired by the things they encounter every day. The streets, the buildings, the sea, and the relationships that occur in-between these things. The happiness and the decay. It's both social realism and escapism.

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Published: 4 August 2005 Author: Eirik Vestrheim
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