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Labrador - Instamatic Lovelife
Labrador is a Danish band led by Flemming Borby. It was formed in 1998 after the break up of the very praised danish band GREENE. In 2000 the first demo was out, and became "demo of the month" in GAFFA (Dainsh no.1 independent music-magazine) January 2000. In 2002 the first album "Goodbye Susanne" came out and included the single "In a Blue Balloon" which became a big radio-hit on Danish national radio P3. In 2004 second album "Instamatic Lovelife" was released in Denmark and Japan. In 2005 it has been released for the rest of the world by Firestation Records.
The style of Labrador is contemporary popmusic, popmusic made in the beginning of the 21th century with inspiration from the great popartists of the sixties and seventies.
Soft trumpet-lines, airy female-voices, flying guitars, blended with Flemming Borbys voice, makes you think of the time when Herb Alpert and Burt Baccharach was young, Brigitte Bardot looked good, and Serge Gainsbourg was alive!

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Published: 31 January 2005 Author: Firestation Records
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