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new BIRDIE cd/lp
Debsey told us about the extremely hot summer they had experienced in london and it was paul who said "please rain fall". we all laughed and were remembered of the classic track by the sea urchins. stories about sarah records were shared and when it was time for the both to leave we all agreed that this wonderful song simply needed to be covered. That's what birdie did - a few weeks after their tour with saint etienne they recorded a very personal and lovely version of please rain fall. together with other previously unreleased songs and long deleted b-sides this masterpiece appears on an album exclusively released via apricot records. it's a collection of warm and tender moments - songs you can put on in the middle of the night, a soundtrack for stepping outside to watch the stars. the song natural star feels like a shy hug by someone you've fancied for years, the melody of lift up the sun glows and shim- mers like a bracelet with diamonds. it's a wonderful record. and when the first days of autumn appear we'll take the songs as a remembrance of summer. - out 10.01.2003 Birdie - reverb deluxe CD / LP (apricd031/aprivin031 - EFA 27388-2/-1)

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Published: 15 January 2003 Author: Apricot Records
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