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Aberdeen's debut CD - Homesick And Happy To Be Here
It's been almost a decade since Aberdeen's Sarah Records UK debut. The release of two stunning EP's made us believe they were gearing up for something more substantial, but the band's split made orphans of their dozens of charming pop tunes. Time, however, is the answer to all quarrels (thank goodness) and Beth and John are back with an expanded line-up that shares their love of smart, catchy pop tunes. With "Homesick and Happy to be Here," it's like Aberdeen never left us. They may be a little older and wiser, but they've still got those hooks wrapped around their fingers. Throw in some of the most brilliant lyrics put to tape and you've got music that will seep into every fiber of your being. So hold tight to your indie roots and don't forget to breathe. You won't be disappointed.

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Published: 28 June 2002 Author: Peter Hahndorf
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