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Constantin Veis steps out from behind Fantastic Something for his debut solo outing, an 8 songs album of wonderful sketches and vignettes that compress life stories and bucolic adventures into a seamless pop format. Memory-la is a sort of aural travelogue of idyllic soundscapes, lyric postcards, memories in a sense of longing and storytelling with an implicit emotional and very personal context. Welcome to the crystal clear world of honeycoated pop music. Meanwhile Alex Veis, the other co-leader of Fantastic Something, has decided to radiate his signature songwriting appeal with his first solo project The Waving Tree. A Sunday afternoon is destined to be saluted not only by the devoted Fantastic Something fans (hello Japan!) but by all those who lament the erosion of traditional pop. This record has the magic and gentleness of a love poem; five songs of unprecedented melancholy and enchanted poignancy. Is this the sophisticated side of indie or twee pop?

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Published: 17 June 2002 Author: Siesta Records
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