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"The Shining Hour" is sending "postcards from home" (CD) *now* !!!
when i opened the mailbox i found a postcard inside. it was from mark; we had not seen each other in a long time and i was curious about his life and his experien- ces in the past year. he was writing about the wintertime in england. about days spent inside, listening to music and reading books. on the next day i was surprised to receive a postcard from mark again; it contained a short story about a girl he had met in a small grocery-store. this went on for another 10 days; i obtained 12 postcards in total - and when I took the 12th card out of the mailbox i discovered a small parcel with a cd in it. in the accompanying letter mark explained that he had recorded 12 songs - songs about love and loneli- ness, about hope and despair, about faithfulness and tears. 12 songs about his winter in worthing, england, Jangling guitars, soft vocals, tunes so soft as a piece of chocolate-cake. mark is one of the these british songwriters being dedicated to music and music only. think of nick drake, ben watt or bill pritchard. his music is strongly influenced by the spirit of c86; bands like mccarthy, the june brides and the railway children will come to mind. ...available on CD (apricd018 - EFA 27370-2).

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Published: 3 May 2002 Author: Apricot Records
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