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New MODESTY BLAISE 7" "carol mountain" out *now*!
"Caroline Now" by THE BEACH BOYS is one of the most beautiful love-songs ever written. BRIAN WILSON put all his passion in it and it was the central part of the album "Pet Sounds". MODESTY BLAISE's very own JONNY COLLINS shares the same dedication for music and last years album "Melancholia" was regarded as an excellent record in the vein of classic beach boys harmonies, an album that could not be be imagined without pet sounds or sgt pepper by THE BEATLES; instrumentation and arrangements inspired by VAN DYKE PARKS, full of complexity but always being P!O!P!-music in it¹s classic meaning. "I do not know what constitutes hits these days but that must be close to being one" said mike alway founder of él-records when he heard "Melancholia". With "Carol Mountain" the most ambitious track is now released as a single. The tune that the british music-magazine record collector called "full-on summer P!O!P! fun" was recorded with a whole armada of musicians. This song demonstrates jonny's obsession with perfection and P!O!P! uprightness. .... available as7" single on limited edition pruple coloured vinyl (aprivin030 - EFA 27383-7)

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Published: 27 April 2002 Author: Apricot Records
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