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The Starlets - Rocking in a shy way 7"
I love scottish P!O!P! SPEARMINT's SHIRLEY LEE names many good reasons why it's easy to be in love with music from Scotland. So many great bands, artists and labels have come from the north of the UK in the past decades and it seems like there is an endless supply of songwriting talents. Apricot records is proud and happy to introduce you to the latest Scottish sensation: THE STARLETS. This band was formed by the young lad BIFF SMITH and eight friends in his hometown Glasgow. A record filled with three tracks of bittersweet beauty. Fragility and tenderness. Some might be remembered of BELLE & SEBASTIAN, some of AZTEC CAMERA, some of the TRASH CAN SINATRAS. Simply great scottish P!O!P! this 7", which is another demon- stration of the excellence of the scottish youth, a demon- stration of the desire to seek out and celebrate life's small joys in the face of sadness. ....available as 7" single, limited edition col. vinyl (aprivin024 - EFA 27384-7)

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Published: 26 April 2002 Author: Apricot Records
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