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New BAZOOKA CAIN album "here come the days of..." out *now*
15.02.2002 Bazooka Cain - Here come the days of ... CD / LP (apricd025 / aprivin025 - EFA 27380-2 / -1) here come the days of style, the days of elegance. cosmo- politan lifestyle, gentlemen taking polaroids of the cote d'azure and the italian riviera - or in other words: here come the days of bazooka cain. their new recording here come the days is a collection of 15 soul-inspired tunes, every single one with a charming 60s touch, a surpreme remembrance of the 80s, and witty and amusing lyrics in german, english or french. sophistication and metropolitan glamour - the songs of bazooka cain capture humour and melancholy. a grand production with a string and brass orchestra creates moments of euphoria, while other songs appear like gloomy chansons by serge gainsbourg. here come the days of bazooka cain - days of laughter, days of sorrow, days of passion. we're talking about soul! real soul, ladies and gentlemen.

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Published: 19 February 2002 Author: Apricot Records
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